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Lift-off Hinges – a refresher guide.

Lift-off hinges are a type of hinge made up of two parts which allow door removal without the need to open the door.  Building codes in Australia require that in an emergency, a toilet door can be removed by a person standing on the outside of the toilet. In most cases, toilet doors must swing in an outward direction; be a sliding door or be removable, easily, from the outside of the compartment. This requirement only applies if the distance between the toilet pan (Water closet, W/C) and the door is less than 1200mm (1.2 metres). Readmore

Lead lined doors in the healthcare industry

Medical facilities like hospitals and diagnostic centers contain X-Ray / Radiology / Radiographic Imaging Rooms or CT Scan Rooms that emit harmful radiation. Radiation is a serious threat in most medical facilities. Radiation .Read More

How are fire-rated doors made?

A fire door is manufactured with non-combustible, heavy material, usually with metal plating to ensure the integrity of the door to is maintained under extreme temperatures for a certain duration based on the fire-rating of the door.Read More

Why keep fire doors closed at all times?

Why keep fire doors closed at all times?

Fire doors form an integral part of the fire safety strategy for any large or multi-storied property. Fire-rated doors are commonly situated in commercial buildings and large residential structures.

Keeping fire doors that are intended to stay shut, propped open prevents them from working as they should.Read More

Fire-rated Doors

Why do we need Fire-rated doors?

With the escalating effects of global warming and the growing threat of bushfires, we’re constantly surrounded by uncontrollable hazards. Staying danger-ready has become our new normal.

When it comes to protecting our residences or workplaces from the catastrophes of fire, you cannot simply count on ordinary wooden doors. Read More


What is FSC ® certification? And how does FSC ® certification matter?

Deforestation has been one of the biggest concerns for some time now. Fires, harsh agriculturalpractices, wood exploitation and cattle farming are some of the most serious causes ofdeforestation that lead to climate change and destroy biodiversity.
A promise to sustainable design and engineering principles not only helps companies to do their part to save the Earth for future generations, but it can be a treasured tool to reduce functioning costs while ensuring customer loyalty. Read More   


Acoustic Doors

Have you ever been in a room where it should have been quiet, but there was distracting noise coming in from outside? It probably would have been nice if that building had utilised acoustic doors.Frequently used in cinemas, theatres, schools and office environments, acoustic doors are necessary when noise control is important. At Radiant Enterprise, we produce Acoustic doors to suit a variety of applications. Read More
Fire Rated Stud Wall Frames
Radiant Enterprises NSW Pty Ltd., Fire-rated stud wall frames Designed to be not only stronger, but safer, our range of Hemmed Stud and Track sections help reduce handling injuries on site. The hemmed return lip increases rigidity, preventing unwanted rotation as well as eliminating sharp edges. Frames manufactured by Radiant use BlueScope steel, these frames suit standard stud sizes and have a range of stud fixing methods. Read More
Lead Lined Doors
Radiant Enterprise designs and manufactures superior quality radiation doors in a variety of styles. Our lead lined doors meet or exceed all required specifications for radiation and x-ray shielding. Features: Lead lining can be applied to varying thickness of doors – 35mm, 40mm or 45mm. Designed for commercial use, lead lined doors are typically used in Hospitals for X-ray rooms, or as an acoustic layer on doors Read More

Are you a builder, architect, or interior designing professional?

Have you given your doors a thought?

We know first impressions are important, and your door can say a lot about you and the design of your building. Every door has a purpose. It makes a statement. It acts as an introduction to your Read More