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Radiant Enterprise: Trusted Australian Door & Frame Manufacturer

Under new ownership! Radiant Enterprise is a proudly Australian-owned and family-run manufacturer, supplier and installer of doors and door frames, operating since 1998. As a long-standing door frame and door supplier in Sydney, we’ve built a reputation for quality, innovation and customer service.

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We are dedicated to supporting Australian craftsmanship, opting for local raw materials to support local suppliers and minimise our environmental impact. Our modern manufacturing techniques blend with traditional values to create durable and aesthetically pleasing products, ensuring that every door from Radiant Enterprise meets the highest benchmarks of the industry.

When you partner with us for your door and frame needs, you gain access to a comprehensive suite of products and services backed by decades of expertise and a commitment to delivering superior quality. 

Discover the difference with Radiant Enterprise as your Sydney door supplier — let us help you achieve excellence with our quality local manufacturing and swift delivery.

Our Services

As your trusted door and frame supplier and installer, we have a dedicated hardware technologies division that provides an extensive selection of architectural door hardware from leading manufacturers. Our product range spans metal door frames, timber solid core doors, lightweight engineered doors and many specialised doors such as fire-rated, acoustic and lead-lined doors.

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We manufacture timber solid core doors, lightweight engineered doors, fire-rated doors, lead-lined doors, acoustic doors and metal-clad doors.

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We manufacture frames to suit brick and block walls, timber and metal stud walls, concrete panel walls and non-standard custom walls.

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We supply architectural hardware, and we also offer door and hardware installation services for fire-rated and non-rated door sets.

Our services encompass expert door installation, ensuring seamless integration from the design phase to site installation and final handover

Furthermore, Radiant Enterprise goes beyond manufacturing by offering a full spectrum of services tailored to meet every conceivable architectural door and door frame requirement. Our services encompass expert door installation, ensuring seamless integration from the design phase to site installation and final handover.

Rest assured that our team of skilled installers is focused on compliance and quality, constantly ensuring that all installations meet the stringent requirements of the Building Code of Australia. With our modern, purpose-built facility, which allows for precise control over production, we guarantee that every product we supply you with meets and exceeds industry standards.

Radiant Door Factory

As Sydney’s leading door and frame manufacturer and with a purpose built factory located in Ingleburn we are able to deliver our clients industry leading 3-day lead times from order to finished product. Explore our completed projects below, and see for yourself how we help clients maintain momentum while upholding the best quality and craftsmanship in the industry.

If you’re interested in any particular project, feel free to get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you recreate similar success for your own venture.

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Have a look at our completed jobs as a door and door frame supplier for many commercial buildings and projects throughout Sydney.

We’ve provided our expert services for projects across various industries, delivering solutions that address their unique needs.

From the meticulous design process to the detailed final handover, Radiant Enterprise is a proud partner for jobs that require precision and spanning across various industries, offering guidance, comprehensive project management and a singular point of contact to streamline the manufacturing process. We’re confident in our team’s top-class procedures that guarantee we meet client deadlines and expectations.

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