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Metal-Clad Doors In Sydney

Secure your premises with metal-clad doors by Radiant Enterprise. Whether you’re upgrading your commercial facility or fortifying your home, our doors offer the ultimate defence against break-ins and environmental challenges.

As we are a trusted supplier and installer of metal-clad doors in Sydney, you can expect seamless integration with your existing structures. Our custom solutions are not only durable but also meet stringent industry standards. All timber solid core doors manufactured by Radiant conform to Australian standards AS2688 and all fire-rated doors conform to Australian Standards 1905.1-2015.

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Metal-clad doors features

Metal clad doors have a plywood facing to provide a surface suitable for contact adhesive to bond well with the metal cladding. These doors are then capped with a metal channel surround to all 4 sides of the door to provide a weather-resistant and secure door.


35mm, 40mm or 45mm general-purpose flush design. This is a moderate to high use door type designed for commercial or residential use.


Moisture resistance (MR) core provides the door with structural strength and means these doors do not develop show through.


These doors are assembled using staple and a heat-activated PVC adhesive, which forms a permanent bond for facings.


Internal edge rails to all four sides of the door means there are no visible joints on the face of the doors, which makes for a better paint finish.

Optional Extras

door with vision panel

Vision panels for doors: a wide range of vision panel options are available, from the standard rectangle to half and fully glazed, port holes and even irregular shapes.

door with air grille

Air grilles for doors: doors can be fitted with air grilles commonly used in public buildings like toilet airlock doors or mechanical plant rooms.

Facing options: doors can be supplied with a number of alternate-facing finishes like stainless steel or a range of colourbond metal finishes.

Where to use metal-clad doors

Metal-clad doors are a robust solution for both commercial and industrial settings. In high-traffic areas such as office complexes and retail stores, these doors serve as crucial security barriers after business hours.


Likewise, metal-clad doors are ideal for factories, warehouses, garages and storage containers. Their robust strength effectively protects valuable machinery and inventory from theft and environmental damage. Additionally, for high-security buildings such as courthouses and police stations, metal-clad doors are crucial for safeguarding personnel and sensitive information.

At Radiant Enterprise, we customise metal-clad doors to suit various industry requirements. Our entry doors come in different materials, finishes and thicknesses, with the option to add additional features that enhance functionality. Contact us today to discuss your exact needs.

Why metal-clad doors are a wise investment

Discover how our metal-clad doors can meet the rigorous demands of your facility while ensuring safety and efficiency.

Greater impact resistance

Metal-clad doors outperform wood due to their rigid construction and higher load-bearing capacity. Their superior durability makes them ideal for external and high-traffic areas in buildings.

Metal-clad doors are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and everyday wear. They do not warp, crack or shrink over time, reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacements.

Reduced maintenance costs

Unlike traditional wooden doors, metal-clad doors require minimal upkeep. Their robust construction and superior materials make them resistant to common issues like rust (when properly primed and painted), cracking and bowing.

Superior sound reduction

While they’re not completely soundproof, the dense construction of metal-clad doors can significantly improve acoustic control. They’re suitable for settings such as offices, schools and residential buildings where maintaining a quiet atmosphere is essential.

Improved security

Metal doors are harder to break down than wooden or vinyl doors. They are the best material for preventing unauthorised access to a building's interior.

Metal doors are suitable for facilities where security is a priority. These include retail stores, hospitals and government facilities.

Enhanced fire safety

Metal-clad doors are non-combustible, meaning they do not ignite easily, even when exposed directly to flames from nearby sources. They provide added peace of mind, ensuring your building is better secured in case of emergency situations.

Radiant Enterprise: your go-to for metal-clad doors in Sydney

Radiant Enterprise has been a trusted name in custom doors since 1998. Discover what sets our service apart:

Industry-leading turnaround time

We boast a three day turnaround time, setting an industry-leading pace that distinguishes us from competitors. By combining efficient workflows with advanced manufacturing technology, we ensure all orders are completed quickly and meet the highest quality standards.

Trained specialists at your service

Our qualified installers excel in every project, ensuring full compliance with the Building Code of Australia. With a track record of successful projects in various sectors, you can rest assured of door solutions that stand the test of time.

Dedication to local craftsmanship

As an Australian-owned business, we prioritise local suppliers and use local raw materials whenever possible. We integrate modern manufacturing techniques with traditional values to ensure the highest quality results.

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