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Your trusted manufacturer for doors in Sydney

Radiant Enterprise stands as a beacon of excellence in the door manufacturing industry in Sydney, with a proud history that dates back to 1998. We have experience working on jobs within diverse sectors, becoming a cornerstone of the Sydney market. Specialising in a comprehensive range of doors, Radiant Enterprise combines innovation, sustainability and a deep commitment to quality, ensuring that every door not only meets but exceeds Australian standards.

Our range of doors

Our diverse selection caters to both commercial and residential needs across various industries:

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Lightweight engineered doors

Revolutionising the concept of doors, our lightweight engineered doors feature a unique tubular core that significantly reduces weight without compromising on strength. These doors are ideal for areas that benefit from easier installation and handling, while maintaining the solid feel of a traditional door.

lead-lined door

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Lead-lined doors

Specifically designed for environments requiring radiation protection, such as hospital X-ray rooms. With a core incorporating a layer of lead, these doors ensure safety and privacy in sensitive settings.


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Metal-clad doors

Engineered for durability and security, our metal-clad doors combine a robust plywood or MDF core with a protective metal exterior. This design is particularly suited for external use where additional security and resistance to the elements are needed.


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Acoustic doors

Our acoustic doors are specifically designed to deliver superior sound insulation, achieving impressive STC ratings. They are the perfect choice for environments like recording studios and private offices, where sound control is paramount.

fire-rated door

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Fire-rated doors

Adhering to Australian Standards, our fire-rated doors are crafted to provide the utmost safety without sacrificing style. Suitable for commercial and residential settings, they ensure peace of mind through enhanced fire protection.

handsome young man installing a door in a new house construction site.

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Timber solid core doors

Merging the classic beauty of timber with advanced manufacturing techniques, these doors offer both durability and elegance. They are an excellent choice for any space that values aesthetics along with strength and reliability.

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A solution tailored for your needs

Radiant Enterprise has a solution tailored to all your door and door frame needs — all our doors are built to order and customisable with a variety of optional extras, including vision panels, air grilles and a range of finishing options, allowing you to tailor each product to your specific requirements.

Our commitment to quality

At Radiant Enterprise, quality underpins everything we do. Our adherence to the Australian Standards outlined in AS2688, combined with advanced manufacturing techniques, ensures that our doors are more than mere products — they are durable, safe and aesthetically pleasing assets for your space. Crafted with moisture-resistant cores and high-quality facings, you can rest assured that our doors are built to last.

We elevate our commitment to quality through our dedicated hardware technologies division, which provides top-tier door hardware solutions, ensuring functionality meets style. Furthermore, our cutting-edge manufacturing facility is pivotal to our operations, integrating traditional craftsmanship with modern technology for unparalleled quality, innovation and reliability.

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Partner with Radiant Enterprise for your next project — our team is ready to assist you with expert advice, detailed product information and personalised service to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for doors in Sydney that offer privacy, enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space or provide safety and security, Radiant Enterprise has the expertise and range to meet your needs.

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