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Lift-off Hinges

Lift-off Hinges – a refresher guide. 

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To lift-off or not to lift-off?

Lift-off hinges are a type of hinge made up of two parts which allow door removal without the need to open the door. 

Building codes in Australia require that in an emergency, a toilet door can be removed by a person standing on the outside of the toilet.

In most cases, toilet doors must swing in an outward direction; be a sliding door or be removable, easily, from the outside of the compartment.

This requirement only applies if the distance between the toilet pan (Water closet, W/C) and the door is less than 1200mm (1.2 metres).

A toilet door that swings in, fitted with lift-off hinges, will, in a typical scenario, have a gap between the top edge of the door leaf and the under-side (reveal)of the head of the door frame (jamb).

This is to allow adequate movement upward so the pin in the door hinges can be removed out of the hinge-blades fixed to the side of the door frame or stile.

The National Construction Code requirements for the construction of sanitary compartments requires the following:

Clause Construction of sanitary compartments

The door to a fully enclosed sanitary compartment must:

(a) open outwards; or

(b) slide; or

(c) be readily removable from the outside of the compartment,

Explanatory information: requires means of removing an unconscious occupant from a fully enclosed sanitary compartment. If the enclosure has gaps that are large enough to allow access for a person into the sanitary compartment, the compartment is not considered enclosed for the purpose of this clause.

Anatomy of a Lift-Off Hinge

The above is a general guideline. Each situation is different, and, we recommend that you check with your certifier and the relevant applicable codes at the time of construction whether lift-off hinges are required and if they will meet your specific requirements.

In addition to specific code and other regulatory requirements, the type of door-construction that you select will also impact your available choice of hinges.

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