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Why keep fire doors closed at all times?

Why keep fire doors closed at all times?

Did you know that leaving fire doors wedged or propped open is against the law?

Here’s why.

Fire doors form an integral part of the fire safety strategy for any large or multi-storied property. Firerated doors are commonly situated in commercial buildings and large residential structures.

Keeping fire doors that are intended to stay shut, propped open prevents them from working as they should.

How do fire doors work?

A fire door is manufactured and clearly marked as an emergency exit to a building, in case of a fire. Fire-rated doors are intended to be pushed open from inside the building. Fire doors typically stay unlocked, however if secured, an approved lock is used. A fire door in the path of egress is usually equipped with a push bar to limit the contact surface for anyone fleeing the building.

Why should fire doors be kept shut?

Keeping a fire door propped open prevents it from acting as an inhibitor that stops the spread of smoke and fire. It compromises the safety of the dwellers and the property, in the event of a fire.

Is it illegal to keep a fire door open?

A fire door can be held or be propped open for the duration of moving material through the door passage, however leaving a fire-rated door open is punishable by law because it puts someone’s life at risk.

Some fire doors are fitted with certified fire door retainers or electro-magnets, defined under Australian Standard AS1905, that keep the fire door open. These devices close automatically when a fire alarm sets off in the building. Keeping the door open with a wedge, however, is illegal as this prevents such devices from functioning as they should.

Ensure compliance with Australian fire door regulations set out by the NCC (National Construction Code) and the Building Code of Australia (BCA)

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