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Fire-Rated Concrete Panel Wall Frames

Fire Rated Concrete Panel Wall Frames manufactured by Radiant Enterprise NSW Pty Ltd use Blue scope steel, these frames suit standard concrete panel size.


Standard throat sizes available:

  • 126mm for a 150mm concrete panel
  • 151mm for a 175mm concrete panel
  • 151mm for a 200mm concrete panel
    Standard material is 1.1 zinc anneal

Frame rebate sizes for doors are:

  • 41mm to suit 35mm doors
  • 51mm to suit 45mm doors
    Standard assembly method for Radiant frames are welded, dressed and primed.

Standard hinge preparations on Radiant frames are 3 x 100x75mm back plates (35mm doors) or 3 100x100mm backplates (45mm doors) for screw fixed hinges supplied by others.

Standard strikers used on Radiant frames is the Universal Strike which is suitable for most lock types.

Optional Extras

  • Material range include 1.1mm and 1.4 Galvanised steel
  • Alternate assembly methods include spot welded and unprimed or spot welded and primed
  • Additional hinges can be added to suit client specifications
  • Profiles shown on the page suit 35mm doors, however profiles are available to suit 45mm doors upon request.