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Premium Timber Solid Core Doors

Timber Solid Core Doors Manufacturers

All timber solid core doors manufactured by Radiant conform to Australian standards AS2688.


  • 35mm, 40mm or 45mm general purpose flush design this is a moderate to high use door type designed for commercial or residential use.
  • Moisture resistance (MR) core provides the door with structural strength and means these doors do not develop show through.
  • These doors are assembled using staple and a heat activated PVC adhesive which forms a permanent bond for facings.
  • Internal edge rails to all four sides of the door means there are no visible joins on the face of the doors which makes for a better paint finish.
  • MDF facings provide a smooth surface for final finishes like paint.

Optional Extras

  • Vision panels for doors; a wide range of vision panel options are available, from the standard rectangle, to half and full glazed, pole holes and even irregular shapes.
  • Air Grilles for doors; doors can be fitted with air grilles commonly used in public buildings like toilet airlock doors or mechanical plant rooms.
  • Facing options; doors can be supplied with a number of alternate facing finishes like duracote, ply, or a range of timber veneers.