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How are fire-rated doors made

How are fire-rated doors made?

A fire door is manufactured with non-combustible, heavy material, usually with metal plating to ensure the integrity of the door to is maintained under extreme temperatures for a certain duration based on the fire-rating of the door.

 What is fire-rating?

A fire rating tells you the duration for which a door can withstand a fire, based on the outcomes of a fire test. Rating times vary between standard durations of 30 minutes to 240 minutes based on the construction of the door. A fire-rated door is only effective in conjunction with the door frame and surrounding wall and building material.

Why is a Fire Door tested?

In Australia, as stipulated by the National Construction Code, all fire doors must be tested to certain specifications, which in the case of building material, is Australian Standards AS1530.4 to meet resistance approvals and attain certification.

Who conducts the Fire Test?

A fire door, along with its approved components, i.e. doorframe, hardware, etc., are

tested to assess their resistance to fire. Only a registered and accredited testing authority or organisation, such as the CSIRO in Australia, can certify a test.

How is a fire test conducted?

In Australia, the  National Association of Testing Authorities governs testing regulations and organisations.

The procedure to conduct a fire-rating test for doors is as follows:

What next?

Radiant Fire-rated doors are constructed and certified to meet all Australian regulations in line with the building codes and standards. Contact us for you requirement.