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lead lined doors in the healthcare industry

What are lead lined doors and how do they protect us in medical facilities?

Medical facilities like hospitals and diagnostic centers contain X-Ray / Radiology / Radiographic Imaging Rooms or CT Scan Rooms that emit harmful radiation.

Radiation is a serious threat in most medical facilities. Radiation can cause cancer and other health problems, so it’s important to protect yourself from harmful radiation. That’s why Radiant manufactures and offers lead lined doors in Sydney, NSW.

It’s important to understand that Lead lined or X-ray doors play an integral role in protecting those who work with radioactive materials or equipment from exposure to ionizing radiation. These include medical professionals and patients alike. These doors are also sometimes referred to as Radiation Shielding doors.

Our lead lined doors are manufactured with lead, which blocks out dangerous radiation while being relatively light-weight… This way you won’t have to worry about being exposed to harmful levels of radiation when entering or exiting hospitals and diagnostic centers and the doors are “comfortable” to operate. Lead lined doors are an essential part of any healthcare facility!

We understand that safety is extremely important in the medical field, which is why our products are designed with this in mind at all times! Radiant Lead lined doors are manufactured to meet the requirements to ensure the continuous radiation integrity of shielding certification. Lead weighting can be provided in 5 Kg / M2, 10 Kg / M2, 15 Kg / M2, 20 Kg / M2 and 25 Kg / M2. Radiant lead lined doors manufactured in Sydney, conform to Australian Standards and are in line with the guidelines prepared by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) in collaboration with the NSW Radiation Advisory Council.

Our products are designed specifically for use in hospital settings where high density shielding is required but ease-of-use is paramount! Lead lined Doors can be both fire-rated or non-rated. The fire rating can be of different ratings depending on your requirements. We offer sets of lead line doors and frames including double door systems and single door systems; sliding doors for single or bi-parting pairs. Lead line doors can be manufactured to include extras such as lead glass vision panels, and alternate facing finishes like masonite, ply, engineered facings, or a range of timber veneers to suit various aesthetic requirements. Lead lined doors can also be manufactured with metal cladding for an extra strong door!

Radiant Enterprise is an Australian owned Door Manufacturing company in Sydney, offering a broad range of architectural solutions including Door Hardware and Door Installation. So, if you are looking for Lead lined doors in Sydney or if you want to learn more about our products or get started by placing an order today, please contact us now!