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Premium Lead Lined Doors

Lead lined doors & Frames manufacturers

All timber solid core doors manufactured by Radiant conform to Australian standards AS2688 and all fire rated doors conform to Australian Standards 1905.1-2005.


  • Lead lining can be applied to all thickness doors 35mm, 40mm or 45mm. Designed for commercial use, lead lined doors are typically used in Hospitals for X-ray room, or as an acoustic layer on doors where a high STC rating is required.
  • Lead Lining can be applied to both non rated and fire rated doors. These doors are constructed as normal, however before the final facing layer is applied   the lead is glue to the core and edge rails with a contact adhesive.
  • Internal edge rails to all four sides of the door means there are no visible joins on the face of the doors which makes for a better paint finish and allows   the lead to reach right to the edge of the door.
    MDF facings provide a smooth surface for final finishes like paint

Optional Extras

  • Vision panels for doors; lead lined doors can be supplied with a range of vision panel options, anyway from rectangular shape, to half glazed. Size will vary depending on the level of protection required.
  • Facing options; doors can be supplied with a number of alternate facing finishes like duracote, ply, or a range of timber veneers.