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Acoustic Doors

Have you ever been in a room where it should have been quiet, but there was distracting noise coming in from outside? It probably would have been nice if that building had utilised acoustic doors. Frequently used in cinemas, theatres, schools and office environments, acoustic doors are necessary when noise control is important. At Radiant Enterprise, we produce Acoustic doors to suit a variety of applications.

Why use Acoustic Doors? 

 Acoustic doors are frequently used in cinemas, theatres, schools and even office environments where noise control is important. The materials that form the doors as well as the seals around the perimeter of the door absorb or block sound waves from penetrating the doors or travelling between the door frame and the door itself.

 What is an Industrial Acoustic Door? 

An Industrial acoustic door is a solid and heavily framed door to reduce noise. It includes seals around its edges and has an insulated construction to solve problems of transfer, loss, interference or pollution of audio waves.