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Lead Lined Doors

Lead Lined Doors

Radiant Enterprise designs and manufactures superior quality radiation doors in a variety of styles. Our lead lined doors meet or exceed all required specifications for radiation and x-ray shielding.


Lead lining can be applied to varying thickness of doors – 35mm, 40mm or 45mm. Designed for commercial use, lead lined doors are typically used in Hospitals for X-ray rooms, or as an acoustic layer on doors where a high STC rating is required.

Lead Lining can be applied to both non-rated and fire-rated doors. The production process is the same as a “normal” door, however, before the final facing layer is applied the lead is glued to the core and edge rails with a contact adhesive.

Internal edge rails to all four sides of the door means there are no visible joins on the face of the doors, which makes for a better paint finish and allows the lead to reach right to the edge of the door. MDF or Duracote facings provide a smooth surface for final finishes like paint.